The following recording was released in 1926 on Victor Records, "20043-B, listed as "Chant of the Snake Dance" performed by Hopi Indian Chanters (Group of M. W. Billingsley). Released by the Victor Talking Machine Co. of Camden, N.J. The "A" side of the original recording was the "Chant of the Eagle Dance." It seems very unlikely that is the actual chant of the Snake Dance as sung by the snake priests, even at a time when the Hopi allowed themselves to be more accessible, and the anthropologists and ethnologists were more disrespectful of the sacredness of the Hopi ceremonies. For those who have never heard Southwest Indian chants of any kind, however, it may give you some idea of their inherent beauty and mystery.

Photograph: Hatzigeorgiou, Karen J. U.S. History Images, 2009.